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My name is Esteban,
I’m Full-Stack Product Designer,
and CX/UX Strategist;
with a background in Branding, and Creative Direction.

I believe in Design that solves problems,

Brands that make change happen,

and projects that put Humans first.

Strategy DrivenStrategy facilitation has been the most significant change in my design process, impacting the results of a project by bringing clarity, alignment, and efficiency to the execution. While design focuses on problem-solving, strategy is about defining problems, the goals, prioritizing actions and charting a clear path forward.

Brand Sprint, Core Discovery, Design Sprint facilitation, and UX architecture have revolutionized my approach to Service and Product design. Incorporating CX and UX design into the decision-making process further bridges the gap between business and product teams, ensuring a human-centered approach that prioritizes what's essential and places the customers and users in the center of the conversation.
Design Process diagram, containing Understanding, Ideation, Crafting, Learning
User CentricUX has changed the conversation around Design in modern companies. By utilizing user-centered design principles and processes we can help Products Team optimize for the most critical aspect of any technology: when it comes to contact with the human in the other side.

UX Design helps create products and services that meet the needs of users and create positive experiences. My practice involves conducting user research and testing to gain insights into user behavior and preferences, designing intuitive and engaging user interfaces, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to ensure that the product aligns with business goals and technical feasibility.
Design Process diagram, containing Understanding, Ideation, Crafting, Learning
Building something unique.I use Webflow primarily to design next-generation websites that are responsive, content-driven, accessible, and dynamic. Additionally, the ability to translate design into code allows for a better managed user experience and empowers teams to share more meaningful stories, streamline content management, improve marketing efforts, and quickly prototype and test designs.

Perhaps most importantly, my understanding of the foundational elements of the web (HTML, CSS, and JS) has taught me to "think as a developer", improving my design layout, component design, micro interactions, and facilitates communication with the Engineering team.


Feature Projects

Feature Projects

Feature Projects

Almost 20 years of journey as a creative professional, throughout different industries, fields, and projects; has provided me with a wide range skill set, the tools and techniques to create and build more complete solutions, the ability to communicate one on one with team members in multiple disciplines, and a passion for always keep learning.

I'm ready to face the next challenge!

Whiteboard room in a Strategy session

Strategy has become one of the essential stages in my design process. With over 12 years of experience facilitating Strategy sessions, Core Strategy in a 3-6 hours session that helps the team align in the same direction, prioritize what works needs to be done in the next phase, and, most important, understand "who are we building this for" and how to validate the results. Strategy processes can be customized to kick-start projects, build a brand strategy or solve business issues in ultra-focus design sprints.


User Experience has become the focus and main driver of my carrier for the last 8 years, participating in software development, Web site, and user flow processes. I work with multiples teams in different industries to help build better products, going back from the user perspective, in ever decision, and building better products that our user love to interact with.

UX/UI Design

With over 10 years of managing creative teams, I have learned the value of clear direction, team synergy, and clear communication.

Creative Director

As a son of a well-known sports photographer, I grew up with a Camera in my hands. After studying a minor in Photography and traditional photographic lab technics, photography has accompanied me throughout my creative journey and has become a great asset as part of my work. Understanding exposure, composition, and the ability to play with light and capture in different mediums and lenses have provided an unavailable resource. And has allowed me to perform in different scenarios, such as product photography, sports photography, events, and studio photography, as well as performing DP duty in a number of video productions.

As son of one of the best known photographers in the sport, I grew up with a Camera in my hands, with over 15 years of experience in photography, I have learn to perform in digital and analog space, learning exposure, compositing illumination and post processing.


With over 5 years of experience developing custom build websites, Webflow has become my go-to tool for most of my website projects. I have experience developing dynamic landing pages, brand pages, marketing funnels, Blogs, Digital Magazines, and enrollment processes, combining responsive design, CMS, custom code, and micro interactions.

With over 5 years of experience developing custom build website, Webflow has become my goto tool for most of my website projects. I have experience developing dynamic landing page, brand pages, marketing funnels, Blogs, Digital Magazines and enrollment processes, combining responsive design, CMS, custom code, and microinteractions.

Webflow Development

With an extensive experience in video production, I had the chance to work in FIlm, Broadcast, and Digital production, participating in pre-production, capturing and shooting, and postproduction, been this last one the field I specialized in after earning my Master's degree in VFX.

Video Production

Though I have never specialized in Motion Graphics perse, it has always been part of my journey as a creative professional. Combining my background in design with animation, compositing, and VFX, Motion Design has always been part of my work in some capacity.

Thought I have never specialize in Motion Graphics, has always been part of my journey as a creative professional. combining my background in design, with animation, compositing and VFX.

Motion Design

Colorist has been an angular stone in my carrier as a creative professional. Working in Film, Broadcast and Digital. With extensive experience in Color Correction, and Color Grading in Davinci Resolve

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Color Grading

Although 3D has not been the main focus of my career ever since I finished my Master's in Postproduction and VFX, my background in 3D has helped me provide a new "dimension" to multiple projects, allowing me to produce photorealistic 3D renders, motion graphics assets, and the invaluable ability to speak one on one with 3D Artists, Animators,  Game Dev, and VR engineers using "the same language."

3D Graphics

With extensive experience threw out my design career, I have had the chance to master all the essential tools and processes in the design, including Visual Design, Print Design, Multimedia, and Web.

Graphic Design

I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow in the exciting field of live production. Live Streaming was not on my radar at the time. I instead came across the challenge while starting up a production company in 2015. I had the chance to learn the ins and out of live production as part of a 5 years project surrounding the sport of Polo. A solid technical background in Video, Motion, IT, and graphics provided me enough to get started, and over the next 5 years of innovation and problem-solving, we managed to film hundreds of matches, be the first to use a drone in a broadcast sports event, streaming from remote corners of the planet, and distribute our product all across the world, including selling our fee to big broadcast platforms like ESPN and NBC and Sky Sports.

Live Production

a bit of me

I have always been passionate about problem-solving and visual communication. I grew up in Spain and studied Photography, an HND in Graphic Design and Multimedia, and a Master's Degree in Post-Production and VFX.

Around 10 years ago, I had the chance to get in my first Design Leadership role, and I fell in love with design thinking and a human-centric approach to drive projects, businesses, and innovation. I have been focused on UX and Strategy ever since.

For the last eight years, I have been privileged to work with multiple Startups and Businesses, helping Business, and Products Teams find alignment, to design, develop, and evolve products and brands from a user-centered perspective.





I've been fortunate to work with amazing people
from startups, agencies and brands.

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