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John Nielsen, CEO
Jun 2020
San Francisco, CA
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Gainefits is a new San Francisco-based startup planning to shake the Benefits space by bringing a people-first approach back to the market.

Human-Centric Revolution

This B2B startup has recognized a change in the benefits market, where big technology companies have taken over after the digital transition in the space. This has brought a lack of experience broker and a need for a company that can develop real human relationship helping HR manager to navigate through the technology landscape, support the HR department in day to day operations, and bring a People-first benefits approach to the benefits strategy, that your team will love and can impact your company culture.‍

People-First Benefits

I helped Gainefits, launch, and position their brand in a very competitive market, pack with big tech Giant and companies. To separate themself from the pack and build a solid online presence. We build a Brand Strategy that will allow David to compete and succeed over Goliaths. We use tools such as UX Design, Content Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Pricing Strategy, and a Custom Web Design based in Webflow to help this new company to position their brand in a competitive landscape that is in desperate need of bringing back authentic human relationships, and the expertise and knowledge of experienced brokers that cares about human connection and company culture.

The challenge

The benefits market has been dominated by big technology companies, replacing paper base system, and the growth of this firm has produce a lack of experienced brokers who could provide a personal touch and build custom solutions. The competition was intense and the company needed to establish its brand in a crowded market, providing human connection and experience while also differentiating itself from the big tech giants and intermediary companies.

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The UX/CX strategist and lead UX designer worked with the CEO of Gainefits, as well as two other experts in the field, to develop a comprehensive strategy that included UX design, content strategy, marketing strategy, pricing strategy, and a custom web design based on Webflow. After defining our user persona, we were able to use HR professionals for the research phase and validation process, ensuring that the solution met the needs of the target audience and provided real value to their workflow and challenges.

UX Design:

The UX design team used a user-centric approach to design the website, which was easy to navigate, visually appealing, and engaging with our users throw our brand story and unique value proposition. The design was validated by HR professionals to ensure that it met their needs and provided real value to the market.

Custom Web Design:

The custom web design was built in Webflow, which was chosen for its flexibility, scalability, and ease of use for editors and collaborators. I worked closely with Gainefits team to create a website that would reflect their brand values and provide a seamless user experience. 

Pricing Strategy:

The pricing strategy was designed to provide HR managers with a solution that was affordable, flexible, and easy to implement. The team used market research, as well as insights from HR professionals, to understand the needs of HR managers, and we decided to productize the service by offering 3 starting packages for different engagements in the function of the company’s needs. Each package was designed to appeal to a different audience based on our research, with a dedicated page that explains the overview, breaks out the different characteristics, and culminates in an interactive price calculator that helps the user identify what are the option and brings transparency to the price structure. The results were then filed and sent to the consultant with the contact information using the form.

Content Strategy:

The content strategy was designed to help Gainefits stand out in a crowded market and position itself as an expert in the field. The team used a human-centric approach to create content that was educational, informative, and engaging. We developed a blog break in different categories, that would provide HR managers with the latest insights, tips, and best practices related to benefits management. The content was validated by HR professionals to ensure that it was relevant, useful, and provided real value to them.

Go to Market:

The marketing strategy was designed to reach out to HR managers and help them understand the value proposition of Gainefits. The team used a multi-channel approach that included social media, email marketing, and events to build brand awareness and generate leads.


The comprehensive strategy developed by our UX/CX strategy and Service design process, in collaboration with the CEO of Gainefits, two other experts in the field, and HR professionals for our research, helped Gainefits establish itself as a company that cares about human connection and company culture. The website was well-received by HR managers and provided a seamless user experience. The content strategy helped the company position itself as an expert in the field, and the marketing strategy helped generate leads and build brand awareness. The pricing strategy provided HR managers with an affordable solution, and the custom web design provided a platform for the company to grow and compete for one on one with big players in the market.

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