Step by Step animation of the making of of the beauty inside out concept on an Ipad frame

A powerful concept

A key component of our Brand Story was to find a way to express the concept of “beauty inside out” that differentiates Halo 42 from a holistic and inclusive approach to beauty and personal care.

To explain this concept, we use a visual metaphor, using a rainbow of light that symbolize the beauty whining, and a carefully curated set of diverse and inclusive faces of regular people. The aim was to connect with our audience with a powerful message of self care and personal development.

A story worth telling

We craft a brand story that highlights our mission and values, and helps the user discover the brand, present our product offering and explain the concept behind a holistic approach to beauty.

Our Inner shine section highlights our commitment to diversity and inner beauty, and our about us section give some inside on the way, with a presentation of the funders and their motivation behind the project.

We finish with a CTA to keep in touch for news and updates and a blog section with news and health tips.

Full high Screen capture of Website

Adapted to any screen

Making the website completely responsive, we managed to adapt the presentation to any screen size. Adapting the layout to any screen size facilitate users to engage with us anywhere they like.

iPhone with Mobile -  Product Section
iPhone with Mobile -  Feel Good, Loog Good Section
iPhone with Mobile -  About is Section

Content Strategy

Content Strategy is an essential part of our go-to-market strategy. We develop our content strategy around our user personas, to build connection, start a conversation and create value around our user paint points.

Halo42 Blog page Screen Capture
Halo42 blog article Sample 1
Halo42 blog article Sample 2